Invacare is another one of the major brands that Open Box Medical carries. We have a vast variety of used Invacare products, such as used our top selling used Invacare beds. Open Box Medical also carries used Invacare wheelchairs, both manual and electric. With our affordable prices, it will be hard to beat our discounts.

Invacare products we usually carry in stock include:

  • Used Invacare hospital beds
  • Used Invacare manual wheelchairs
  • Used Invacare power chairs
  • Used Invacare Oxygen Concentrators
Invacare CareGuard Tool-Less Shower Chair by Invacare (Model: 91-2)
This is Brand New Invacare CareGuard Tool-Less Shower Chair. The Invacare Care Guard Tool-Less Shower Chair without Back offers stability and comfort at an economical price.
List Price: $75.99
Invacare Overbed Table by Invacare (Model: 6400)
This is pre-owned Invacare Overbed Table in Great Condition. The height can be adjusted between 28"-40".
List Price: $198.95
ProBasics Heavy-Duty Foldable Transport Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: 9500BK)
This is used ProBasics Heavy-Duty Foldable Transport Wheelchair in Great condition.This Wheelchair is a durable choice for everyday transport of users up to 400 lbs.
List Price: $559.00
Used Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar by Invacare (Model: G7740P)
Pre-Owned Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar in Great Condition. The Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar helps the user during transfers, re-positioning, and also provides a great opportunity to get some physical exercise. This Trapeze Bar is constructed from Heavy-Gauge Octagon-Steel and requires no tools for setup.
List Price: $243.00
DecPac Fiberglass Portable Ramp (5′ 5″) by Invacare (Model: MP55)
This Fiberglass Portable Ramp is Brand-New in Box, Never Used. This Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp is equipped with a non-slip surface, weighs only 26 lbs, & works great for rises of up to 16". This Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a 660 lb weight capacity, and has the following dimension (L x W): 65"x29"
List Price: $1,089.00
Used Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Package (New Generation Motor) by Invacare (Model: 5310IVC-V2)
Pre-Owned Semi-Electric Hospital Bed from Invacare in Great Condition. This Invacre hospital bed (newer version) has a durable frame with a 450 lb weight capacity, is very easy to clean with minimal maintenance. This Hospital Bed package comes with a standard foam mattress & side rails of your choice ( half rails or full rails).
List Price: $1,499.00
DecPac Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp (6' 6") by Invacare (Model: MPEB66)
Brand New Fiberglass Portable Wheelchair Ramp In-Box, Never Used. This Fiberglass Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a textured Non-Slip surface, Weighs only 37 lbs, and can be safely used for rises of up to 20". This Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a weight capacity of up to 660 lbs, and has the following dimensions ( L x W): 78"x30"
List Price: $1,799.00
Used Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed Package by Invacare (Model: 5410IVC)
Full-Electric Hospital Bed Package from Invacare in Great Condition. This Hospital Bed is fully adjustable with electric controls. Very Easy to clean & maintain. Comes with your choice of FREE half rails or full rails & a standard foam mattress!
List Price: $2,295.00
Invacare XCL Top End Excelerator Handcycle by Invacare (Model: XCL-1)
This Pre-Owned XCL Top End Excelerator from Invacare is in Great Condition. This Handcycle has a seat that can be slid forward or backwards to adjust seating position, and the crankset height can also be adjusted to the most comfortable setting for you. Comes with 20" Wheels with 9 degrees of camber.
List Price: $2,795.00
ProSpin X4 Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: ATO-PROX4S)
This ProSpin X4 Lightweight Folding Wheelchair is a Brand New Demo wheelchair purchased from the manufacturer in 2018, with no signs of wear. The ProSpin X4 has swingaway footplates which makes transferring over to a different seat very easy. This lightweight wheelchair is an excellent option for a user who wants to remain active, and have an easy-to-fold up wheelchair for worry-free travel.
List Price: $2,800.00
Invacare Reliant 450 Battery Powered Lift by Invacare (Model: RPL450-1)
Pre-Owned Invacare Reliant 450 Battery Powered Patient Lift in Like New Condition. The High Lift range of this patient lift allows easy access to wheelchairs, commodes, beds & floors. The batteries are easy to remove & recharge, and the patient lift has a lifting weight capacity of 450 lbs.
List Price: $3,020.00
Used Invacare TDX SP Rehab Tilt Power Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: TDX_SP)
Pre-Owned TDX SP Power Wheelchair from Invacare in Great Condition. Minor cosmetic wear & blemishes. This Powerchair comes fully loaded with comfort features such as Power Tilt, Power Recline, & Power Elevating Legrest. This TDX SP Powerchair is capable of traveling up to 20 miles on just a single charge!
List Price: $12,099.00
Used Invacare TDX SC Rehab Power Tilt and Elevating Legrest Chair by Invacare (Model: TDX_SC)
Pre-Owned TDX SC Powerchair from Invacare in Great Condition. This TDX SC Powerchair is designed to provide maximum comfort & stability for the daily user. Comes equipped with Power Tilt, Power Legrests, Adjustable Armrests & Side Lateral Support.
List Price: $8,099.00
Used Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair w/ Power Tilt & Recline by Invacare (Model: tdx_sp-newer)
Pre-Owned TDX SP Power Wheelchair from Invacare in Great Condition. This Power Wheelchair is one of the most comfortable options available for users with long-term mobility limitations. This Power Chair comes fully equipped with Power Recline, Power Tilt & Elevating Legrests. The TDX SP Power Wheelchair is capable of traveling up to 18.4 miles on a single charge!
List Price: $12,099.00
I-Fit Molded Shower Chair with Back by Invacare (Model: 9781)
Never Used I-Fit Molded Shower Chair w/ Back from Invacare, Brand New Condition. This Shower Chair offers stability & comfort for users who require support in the shower, & assembles easily without tools. Comes with height adjustable legs & drain holes in seat to eliminate water retention.
List Price: $180.96
List Price: $114.00