Invacare is another one of the major brands that Open Box Medical carries. We have a vast variety of used Invacare products, such as used our top selling used Invacare beds. Open Box Medical also carries used Invacare wheelchairs, both manual and electric. With our affordable prices, it will be hard to beat our discounts.

Invacare products we usually carry in stock include:

  • Used Invacare hospital beds
  • Used Invacare manual wheelchairs
  • Used Invacare power chairs
  • Used Invacare Oxygen Concentrators
Used Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Package (New Generation Motor) by Invacare (Model: 5310IVC-V2)
Pre-Owned Semi-Electric Hospital Bed from Invacare in Great Condition. This Invacre hospital bed (newer version) has a durable frame with a 450 lb weight capacity, is very easy to clean with minimal maintenance. This Hospital Bed package comes with a standard foam mattress & side rails of your choice ( half rails or full rails).
List Price: $1,499.00
Invacare Reliant 450 Low Base Electric Patient Lift by Invacare (Model: RPL450-1)
Open Box Invacare Reliant 450 Battery Powered Patient Lift in Brand New Condition. The High Lift range of this patient lift allows easy access to wheelchairs, commodes, beds & floors. The batteries are easy to remove & recharge, and the patient lift has a lifting weight capacity of 450 lbs.
List Price: $3,020.00
Invacare R130 Standing Sling by Invacare (Model: Invacare-R130)
Like New Invacare R130 standing sling.
List Price: $195.00
ProSpin X4 Lightweight Folding Manual Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: ATO-PROX4S)
This ProSpin X4 Lightweight Folding Wheelchair is an excellent condition wheelchair with minor signs of wear. The ProSpin X4 has swingaway footplates which makes transferring over to a different seat very easy. This lightweight wheelchair is an excellent option for a user who wants to remain active, and have an easy-to-fold up wheelchair for worry-free travel.
List Price: $2,800.00
Invacare Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: TRSX58FBP)
SPECIAL OFFER: Open, out of the box, Invacare Tracer SX5 Manual Wheelchair in Excellent condition. The armrests flip back for easy transfers, and you can fold the chair for storage or to put inside of a car. This chair is ideal for short-term users looking for an affordable wheelchair, however, it can also be suitable for long-term use.
List Price: $695.00
Invacare Overbed Table by Invacare (Model: 6400)
OVERSTOCK. Brand New tables still in the box, must get rid of. The height can be adjusted between 28"-40".
List Price: $198.95
Invacare TDX SR Rehab Power Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: tdx_sr)
This is pre-owned Invacare TDX SR Rehab Power Wheelchair in Great Condition. The TDX SR offers the benefits of the Gearles Brushless TrueTrack Motors. True Track allows the chair to maintain its true forward path keeping the chair tracking straight. This TDX SR comes with Power Tilt, Power Recline, Power Elevatin Legrsets.
List Price: $5,269.00
Invacare MA55 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress by Invacare (Model: ma55)
Pre-Owned Invacare MA55 Air Mattress. This mattress is open-box and has been rarely used. Both pump and mattress are close to new condition. Item is open-box and out of original packaging.
List Price: $2,340.00
Invacare G5510 Electric Hospital Bed by Invacare (Model: g_5510)
Pre-Owned Invacare G5510 Full Electric Hospital Bed in Excellent Condition. Invacare G5510 Hospital Bed meets the latest patient safety standards. It employs an ergonomic mattress deck. This mattress deck is constructed with metal slats for increased patient support. The deck also offers reduced wear and tear on the mattress and an easy to clean surface. Comes with a free used basic foam mattress and half side rails.
List Price: $1,350.00
Invacare 9805P Manual Patient Lift by Invacare (Model: 9805p)
The Pre-Owned Invacare 9805P has a slim design, as these hydraulic lifts are versatile enough to use for most any and all patient transfers.
List Price: $759.00
Twion Basic Wheelchair Power Assist Wheel by Invacare (Model: twion_t24)
Pre-Owned Twion Basic Wheelchair Power Assist Wheel in like New condition. The Twion is made for all active manual wheelchair users, who possess a good upper body stability, adequate coordination of their arm strength and a full hand-/finger. Twion fits almost every standard active wheelchair and provides extra power for each start-up movement to comfortably travel longer distances or easily climb slopes.
List Price: $5,895.00
Invacare Bariatric Floor Stand Trapeze Bar by Invacare (Model: 25482)
Pre-owned Invacare Bariatric Floor Stand With Trapeze Bar has some scratches on the frame but still works great. Invacare's Bariatric Trapeze Bar is designed to assist individuals weighing up to 1000 pounds in changing positions while in bed and aid in transfering in and out of bed. In addition to providing maximum support and comfort, this innovative, lightweight, tool-free design makes delivery and assembly of the Invacare Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze BARTRAP simple.
List Price: $1,898.00
Invacare I-Class Dual Release Paddle Walker by Invacare (Model: 6240-a)
Brand New Invacare I-Class Dual Release Paddle Walker.
List Price: $79.98
Invacare Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift by Invacare (Model: RPS350_1)
Open Box Invacare Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift. Invacare Reliant 350 stand-up lift is intended for use with weight-bearing clients as well as those needing rehabilitation support. Reliant 350 stand-up lift is an ideal product for everyday client handling, ensures caregiver security and client peace of mind during the transfer. Reliant 350 stand-up lift has adjustable kneepad to safely and comfortably accommodate a wide variety of body shapes and sizes up to 350 lbs.
List Price: $3,020.00
Invacare Pronto M51 Electric Wheelchair by Invacare (Model: Pronto_M51)
Pre-Owned Pronto M51 w/ SureStep power weelchair. This Power Wheelchair provides maximum Stability & Comfort with it's 6-Wheel design, and is capable of traveling up to 12 miles on a single charge.
List Price: $5,239.00
Invacare Standing Sling R131 (XL) by Invacare (Model: Invacare_Standing_Sling_R131)
Like New Invacare Standing Sling R131 in size extra large.
List Price: $235.00