Wheelchair Ramps

Having a top notch electric wheelchair is great, but what good is it if you can’t enter or exit your home to take it out for a spin?! That’s where Open Box Medical steps right in to save the day! Open Box Medical carries a vast variety of used wheelchair ramps. Our used wheelchair ramps can be used either indoors or outdoors. We also sell Open Box wheelchair ramps and new wheelchair ramps. The best part about our stock of ramps is that they are all sold at unbeatable and discounted prices!

DecPac Fiberglass Portable Ramp (5′ 5″)
DecPac Fiberglass Portable Ramp (5′ 5″)

This Fiberglass Portable Ramp is Brand-New in Box, Never Used. This Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp is equipped with a non-slip surface, weighs only 26 lbs, & works great for rises of up to 16". This Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a 660 lb weight capacity, and has the following dimension (L x W): 65"x29"

MSRP: $ 1089.00
Price: $449.00

DecPac Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp (6' 6")
DecPac Portable Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp (6' 6")

Brand New Fiberglass Portable Wheelchair Ramp In-Box, Never Used. This Fiberglass Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a textured Non-Slip surface, Weighs only 37 lbs, and can be safely used for rises of up to 20". This Portable Wheelchair Ramp has a weight capacity of up to 660 lbs, and has the following dimensions ( L x W): 78"x30"

MSRP: $ 1799.00
Price: $649.00
In Stock

Feal BGR90-25 Wheelchair Ramp
Feal BGR90-25 Wheelchair Ramp

Manufacturer's Demo Feal BGR90-25 Wheelchair Ramp in Brand New Condition. Surface of ramp has been treated to provide maximum grip, and has a weight capacity of up to 1320 lbs.

MSRP: $ 3799.00
Price: $1999.00

Depending on the location which you will be placing the ramp, you may need a specific type of used handicap ramp. The types we carry are as follows:

  • Threshold Ramps
    • Designed specifically for doorways, sliding doors, or any raised surfaces that make maneuvering across unsafe and unstable.
    • Available in rubber or aluminum material
    • For raised surfaces as high as 6”
    • Simple and quick set up! Just slide the threshold ramp in front to the raised surface and enjoy easier access across the threshold.
  • Solid Ramps
    • One piece aluminum ramp
    • Permanent type of ramp that is installed with a mounting hardware
    • Not foldable or portable
  • Suitcase Ramps
    • Portable
    • Easily folds up like a suitcase
    • Width of 30”
    • Length ranges from 2-6 feet  
  • Tri-fold Ramps
    • Foldable and portable ramps
    • Folds into three segments
    • Easily transferred due to its compact size when folded
    • Typically for ramps that are 6-10 feet in length.

*All of our wheelchair ramps may be used with scooters, electric wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs due to their high weight capacity.

Open Box Medical can help you decide which type of ramp fits your needs. We offer White Glove Delivery to customers who reside in the Los Angeles area (fees may apply).