Other Medical Equipment

Fits Ceiling Heights Weight Capacity Weight
7-10 feet 300 lbs. 17 lbs.
Stander Security Pole (Model: 1150)
Open Box. Stock#009
List Price: $239.00
Weight Inflation Deflation
6 lbs. 72 seconds 18 seconds
Lift Height Lift Weight Loading Capacity Cycle Load Time
45" - 60" 60 lbs. Up to 500 lbs. 55 Seconds

At Open Box Medical, our commitment to enhancing healthcare experiences goes beyond the ordinary. Our diverse range of Other Medical Equipment encompasses an array of innovative solutions, each designed to elevate patient care and comfort. Here's a glimpse into our offerings:

1. Security Poles: 

Sturdy and adjustable, providing reliable support with seamless integration into any medical setting.

2. Grab Bars: 

Enhance bathroom safety with our thoughtfully designed grab bars, offering stability and peace of mind.

3. Assistive Devices: 

From mobility aids to adaptive tools, our collection empowers individuals to navigate their daily lives with confidence.

At Open Box Medical, we understand that healthcare is diverse, and our Other Medical Equipment reflects this understanding. Join us in redefining the healthcare journey with solutions that prioritize safety, adaptability, and a commitment to overall well-being.