Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair with Tilt

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List Price: $5,269.00
Price: $1,495.00

Pre-Owned AllTrack R3 Power Wheelchair from Amy Systems, carefully inspected and maintained in good condition. At our inventory, all used chairs undergo thorough examination, with any broken parts promptly replaced before sale. Experience the unrivaled benefits of Invacare's top-of-the-line power chairs with the TDX® SP. Equipped with Gearless Brushless GB™ TrueTrack motors, this chair ensures a more consistent forward path, reducing the need for frequent veer corrections. Embrace the exceptional performance and reliability of the AllTrack R3 Power Wheelchair, designed to enhance your mobility and offer peace of mind.


Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair with Tilt

    The TDX® SP offers the benefits of Invacares top of the line power chairs. The Chair comes with Gearless Brushless GB™ TrueTrack motors. TrueTrack allows the chair to maintain a more consistent forward path with fewer veer corrections. TrueTrack motors ultimately result in less fatigue for those using alternative driver controls and those with impaired hand function. Smart Actuators allow users to achieve a power tilt to help the user be in a  comfortable position. It is one of our fastest and comfortable Power Wheelchair we have right now, Come get yours today.


  • Power Tilt
  • Invacare Gearless Brushless GB™ Motors with TrueTrack technology
  • Invacare  SureStep® Suspension with Stability Lock provides a smooth and stable transition
  • Thigh Support

Invacare TDX SR Rehab Power Wheelchair

Weight Capacity
300 Lbs
Overall Length
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Drive Wheels
Backrest height
Maximum Speed
Drive Range
Up to 15 Miles
Power Tilt
55 degrees
Thigh SupportYes

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