Bed Parts and Accessories

Carex Over the Bed Table (Model: P567-00)
Used Carex Over Bed Table in Great condition.
List Price: $234.99
Used Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar by Invacare (Model: G7740P)
Pre-Owned Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar in Great Condition. The Invacare Offset Trapeze Bar helps the user during transfers, re-positioning, and also provides a great opportunity to get some physical exercise. This Trapeze Bar is constructed from Heavy-Gauge Octagon-Steel and requires no tools for setup.
List Price: $243.00
Used Allman Gel Foam Mattress Overlay (Model: GFMO)
Pre-Owned Gel-Foam Mattress Overlay from Allman in Great Condition. This Mattress Overlay combines both foam and gel cushioning to help reduce & prevent pressure sores from developing. The design of this mattress overlay allows for airflow and makes it Easy to clean & maintain.
List Price: $249.00
Used Action Products Mattress Overlay with Hitch by Action Products (Model: 6303H)
Pre-Owned Akton Mattress Overlay from Action Products in Great Condition. This Mattress Overlay uses Akton Polymers which does not migrate like Gel Overlays. This Mattress Overlay provides only a 5/8 inch of height elevation which increases stability during transfers. The Akton Mattress Overlay is resistant to stains & liquids, which makes it very easy to clean & maintain.
List Price: $649.00
Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels (Model: eva-overbed-table)
Pre-Owned Medical Over Bed Table in great condition. Can be raised or lowered to any height between 28"- 40". Two 4" Swivel Casters make it easy to lock the outside part of the table in place, but allow the angle of the table to still be adjusted towards or away from you.
List Price: $99.99