Liko Ultra Sling Lift Aid by Hill-Rom (Model: 3506116)
This Patient Lift sling can accommodate users of up to 880 lbs!
List Price: $1,059.00
VersaCare P3200 Hospital Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: P3200)
This is NOT an old refurbished unit that has a lot of wear. This Hill-Rom VersaCare P3200 Hospital Bed is a newer Pre-Owned, but Like-New bed that was manufactured in 2016 and has very minimal wear. This can be an essential piece of equipment for the treatment & prevention of pressure ulcers, especially for high-risk users. Comes with 1 Year Warranty!
List Price: $37,469.00
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: ES100)
This is a Pre-Owned, but Like-New Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed in Excellent Condition. The SlideGuard feature helps protect the patient’s skin during repositioning by keeping the patient’s hips in place while the back of the bed elevates. Comes with a Brand New Mattress Cover, AccuMax Quantum VPC Surface, and Freedom Hill Wood Headboard & Footboard ($3400 Total Value!)
List Price: $19,669.00
Hill-Rom Resident Long Term Care Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: Hill-rom-resident)
This pre owned Hill-Rom Resident long term care bed is in excellent condition. The Hill-Rom Resident Long Term Care Bed provides a unique combination of function, aesthetics, durability, and value for both users and caregivers. This high-quality long-term care bed offers a variety of comfort, convenience, and safety features. Pressure Relief Mattress included.
List Price: $6,400.00
Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-To-Stand Lift by Hill-Rom (Model: sabina_200)
This is pre-owned Liko Sabina 200 Electric Sit-to-Stand Lift in Great condition. Liko Sabina 200 sit-to-stand power patient lift is especially designed for people who have difficulty in standing up on their own from a seated position.
List Price: $4,535.00
Liko M220 Electric Patient Lift by Hill-Rom (Model: liko_m220)
Liko M220 Electric Patient Lift in Excellent Condition. Liko M220 is excellent aid for daily transfers of adults and children; for instance, for transfers to and from a wheelchair, toilet and floor. Liko M220 has manual base for opening and closing the legs.
List Price: $2,296.00
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Bed by Hill-Rom (Model: hill_es)
Hill-Rom CareAssist ES (Not Refurbished) Medical Bed in Excellent Condition. This medical bed is made with the most recent technology that to provide comfort for the patient while offering easy access for the caregiver or medical professional.
List Price: $14,750.00
Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Alternating Low Air Loss Mattress by Hill-Rom (Model: SAE)
The Hill-Rom Synergy Air Elite Mattress is the same air mattress used in most hospitals and facilities across the United States. This mattress is slightly used. The compressor is fully operational and all functions of the mattress work as they should.
List Price: $10,584.00