Motion Composites

Motion Composites offers a diverse range of lightweight wheelchairs, designed to provide individuals with mobility and independence in an affordable and high-quality package. These wheelchairs are the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, versatility, and superior mobility solutions.

Our selection at OpenBox Medical Supplies includes a variety of lightweight wheelchairs, each carefully maintained to ensure optimum performance. Whether you need a folding wheelchair for travel, a rigid-frame model for everyday use, or an ultra-lightweight chair for performance, Motion Composites and OpenBox Medical Supplies have you covered.
List Price: $5,325.00
Motion Composites Helio C2 HD Ultralight Manual Folding Wheelchair by Motion Composites (Model: Helio C2 HD)
Open Box. Brand New. Stock#049
List Price: $6,895.00
Motion Composites Helio C2 Ultra Light Wheelchair by Motion Composites (Model: Helio-C2-16x18)
Open Box. Stock#053
Motion Composites APEX Carbon Fiber by Motion Composites (Model: APEX CARB)
Open Box. Brand New. Stock#057
Motion Composites VELOCE by Motion Composites (Model: VELOCE Carbon-Fiber-2)
Open Box. Stock#048
List Price: $2,788.00