LEVO LAE Standing Manual Wheelchair by LEVO (Model: levo-lae)
Introducing the immaculate LEVO LAE Manual Standing Wheelchair, a pristine unit that has never been used. This remarkable wheelchair combines exceptional convenience and portability, weighing less than 1/10th of traditional electric standing wheelchairs. Experience the transformative benefits of enhanced mobility, improved posture, and increased independence as you effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions. Choose the LEVO LAE Manual Standing Wheelchair today and embrace the unmatched comfort and liberation it offers.
List Price: $18,995.00
Levo Combi Standing Powerchair by LEVO (Model: levo_combi_demo)
Manufactures demo model in excellent condition. The Levo Combi provides the best comfort for the user in their everyday life, It is the perfect mid-wheel-powered standing wheelchair that will fit the user's needs. With its amazing maneuverability and turning radius, the Combi is perfect for outside and inside mobility.
List Price: $36,000.00
Levo Combi Standing Powerchair by LEVO (Model: levo_combi)
In excellent condition, experience the epitome of comfort and functionality with the Levo Combi. Meticulously engineered, this mid-wheel-powered standing wheelchair is designed to cater to your individual needs, delivering unparalleled everyday comfort. With remarkable maneuverability and a superior turning radius, the Combi effortlessly accommodates both indoor and outdoor mobility. Rest assured that this chair has been diligently maintained, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Elevate your mobility experience with the professional-grade Levo Combi, the perfect companion for your daily journeys.
List Price: $36,000.00