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Having a disability does not mean having to give up an active life. Alber USA can help give you back your independence and increase your quality of life. Alber USA’s Twion Power Assist Wheels allow you to go longer distances without getting fatigued. The Twion Power Assist Wheels can fit almost any wheelchair and travel up to 10 km/h. When you are done with your journey for the day, the Twion Power Assist Wheels can easily be removed from the chair for easy storage.

Benefits of Twion Power Assist Wheels

  • Optional smartphone app
  • Optional Mobility Plus package
  • Track and record your usage via GPS
  • Handheld display shows your current speed, traveled distance, or the charge status of the batteries


Similarly to the Twion Power Assist Wheels, the E-Fix is an additional drive option that allows you to convert your manual wheelchair into a mini electric wheelchair. The E-Fix will allow you to drive longer distances without overly exhausting your extremities. You can control the speed range from 0.5 to 6 km/h at the gripping regulator. Take charge of your life with the E-fix Power Assist.

Benefits of E-Fix Wheels

  • Option to push by hand even if the wheelchair even with an E-Fix attached
  • Disassemble with ease. No tools required
  • Easy storage
  • Compact
  • Optional smartphone app
E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On
E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On

Pre-Owned E-Fix E25 Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On in Great Working Condition. The E-Fix E25 Allows you to convert your manual wheelchair into a Lightweight Power Wheelchair that is easily disassembled for travel. Complimentary fitting & installation included for local customers. Please Include the Brand & Model of your chair when purchasing, so that we can have the correct Bracket Kit ordered for your specific chair!

MSRP: $ 7499.00
Price: $1995.00