Standing Lifts

Weight Capacity Weight Width Closed Width Open
350 lbs. 88 lbs. 23" 37"
Invacare Get-U-Up Manual Sit-To-Stand Lift by Invacare (Model: GHS350)
Open Box. Stock#263
Used Invacare Roze Sit to Stand Electric Patient Lift by Invacare (Model: ROZElift)
Used. Brand New Batteries and Charger Included. Stock#170
List Price: $5,000.00
EasyStand StrapStand Standing Frame by EasyStand (Model: 2100_01_20)
Used. Stock#162
List Price: $4,995.00

Why Choose Open Box Medical for Your Standing Lifts?

Standing frames provide essential support for individuals with disabilities who cannot stand independently. Open Box Medical offers a variety of standing lifts and frame units, including new, open box, demo, and pre-owned options, all at competitive prices. These tools alleviate the physical strain on caregivers, reducing the risk of injury. Patient slings, in particular, enhance both patient and caregiver safety and comfort. Choosing Open Box Medical ensures access to a wide range of high-quality, reliable products, backed by expert advice and customer service. Our commitment to affordability and excellence makes us a preferred choice for healthcare needs. Visit us or contact Open Box Medical to discover the patient sling that best meets your needs.

Types of Patient Lifts:

Power Electric Patient Lift:

These lifts are battery-operated, offering automated control over lifting functions.

Manual / Hydraulic Patient Lift:

This lift requires manual operation, using a hand pump to activate the lift functionality via a hydraulic cylinder.

Low Base Patient Lift:

Characterized by a base typically ranging from 4 to 5 inches in height, these lifts are designed for greater clearance beneath low beds and chairs.

Types of Slings:

Universal Sling (U-Sling):

Often used for patient transfers, the U-Sling is versatile, providing toileting access, and solid back, and thigh support. It includes straps for the hips, legs, and shoulders.

Full Body Sling:

Ideal for transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, this sling is suitable for dependent, partially dependent, heavy patients, or those with limited head control.

Commode Opening Slings:

These slings, equipped with a commode opening, facilitate patient transfers from bed or wheelchair to the toilet. They feature a 4-point strap hookup and are available in various sizes and materials.