Permobil F3 Corpus Power Wheelchair

Permobil F3 Corpus Owners Manual
Permobil (Model: F3-Corpus)
Price: $4,995.00

Pre-Owned Permobil F3 Corpus Power Wheelchair in Excellent Condition. This chair comes equipped with s Power Reclining Backrest, Power Tilt-in-Space, and the chair also has power Elevating Legrests. Please be advised that the cushion is NOT included with the chair.

The Permobil F3 Corpus power wheelchair offers the smallest footprint of this redesigned series of front-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and agility let users move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded areas like malls…or even parties. The platform has a lower, repositioned center of gravity, which greatly improves stability while traversing inclines or declines. With its fully independent suspension, the F3 provides a comfortable ride and allows users to navigate the obstacles of life.

Compact Stability

The power of the F3 comes in its compact, yet stable footprint. This allows you greater maneuverability in your environment with the option to remove anti-tippers.

Superior Suspension

With a fully independent suspension, the F3 delivers a more comfortable ride than ever before.

Corpus Seating System

We've retained all the great features you've come to love in the Corpus Seating System. With power features like 85º-170º elevating legrests, 180º power recline, and 50º of posterior tilt the F3 with Corpus is a perfect fit


  • 12” seat elevator that maintains three-points of contact for increased stability
  • Power features like elevating leg rests 85° – 170°
  • 180° of power recline
  • Suspension fully independent for a more comfortable ride

Seat Depth:19

Seat Width: 19

Chair Width: 26

Backrest Height: 19.5

Floor to Headrest Height: 53

Headrest Width: 10


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