Max Mobility

SmartDrive MX1 Power Assist System by Max Mobility (Model: MX1)
This open box SmartDrive MX1 is in Excellent condition, and has not been used. This SmartDrive MX1 is the original, first generation version, which is why it has been priced to sell fast. This is the perfect Add-on for an active user who wants to give their upper body a break on long stretches of road, or to help power through tough terrain like carpet or hills.
List Price: $5,455.00
Open Box SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System by Max Mobility (Model: MX2-160)
This SmartDrive is brand new at a reduced price because the box is open. The MX2+ is the NEW model with PushTracker wristband (included in the package).
List Price: $6,655.00