Bestcare SA400E Stand Assist Electric Sit-To-Stand Lift by Bestcare (Model: SA400E)
Pre-Owned Bestcare SA400E Stand Assist Electric Sit-To-Stand Liftin Great Condition. This Bestcare Patient Lift is a perfect option for in-home care due to its ease of use. Comes with Batteries & Charger included.
List Price: $3,669.00
Bestcare BestLift PL600 by Bestcare (Model: BestLift_PL600)
Pre-Owned BestLift PL600 in great condition. Has a 600 lb carrying capacity as well as being able to use most 4 point and 6 point slings.
List Price: $2,599.00
Base Width Base Length Weight Capacity
30.5" (Closed) - 21" (Open) 41" 400 lbs.
Bestcare Genesis 400 Hydraulic by Bestcare (Model: PL400H)
The Genesis 400 is a robust, cheap lift with great versatility, as it is the only hydraulic lift that can convert to an electric lift.
Bestcare Car Transfer CT350 by Bestcare (Model: bestcare-car-transfer)
The BestLift PL350CT is the perfect solution for car transfers and your everyday transfer needs. Sling included