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Open Box Medical knows how important freedom of mobility is to our customers; hence why we have a variety of affordable used wheelchairs for sale. We have a many types of used manual wheelchairs, such as ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs, light weight manual chairs, heavy duty manual chairs, and transport wheelchairs. We also have used pediatric wheelchairs and used knee walkers for sale.

Our intelligent staff at Open Box Medical will help you pick the best used manual chair for your exact needs. Whether you are looking for used light weight wheelchairs or used ultra lightweight wheelchairs, we can help you narrow down your selection to the best options. Each classification of wheelchair serves a particular purpose.

Used Transport Wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs are meant to be pushed by someone else. Transport chairs are perfect for long term care. The maneuverability makes it easy for caregivers to propel the wheelchair for doctor’s appointments and traveling purposes.

Used Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are regular wheelchairs with a weight range of 14-35 lbs. These chairs are ideal mainly because they are compact and lightweight.

Used Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Ultra lightweight chairs are similar to light weight manual chairs; however, this type of chair is rigid. The weight range on the ultra lightweight manual chairs are typically between 12-27 lbs. They are the lightest manual wheelchairs available.

Used Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Heavy duty wheelchairs have a weight capacity of 400 lbs and up. What makes these chairs more special is that it has a wider seat that ranges from 22" – 24".

Used Pediatric Wheelchairs

As the title implies, pediatric wheelchairs are specialized chairs designed for children. They are smaller versions of wheelchairs for adults. Open Box Medical also has pediatric wheelchairs that are similar to strollers in design.