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When it comes to recovery and rehabilitation, comfort and affordability are the main concerns. Standard beds do not offer the same comfort as hospital beds can offer. Hospital beds for homes have special features that can ensure patient safety, such as side rails and adjustable features (motorized up/down of whole bed, head, foot), and extra support to prevent pressure sores.

Open Box Medical specializes in selling affordable new and used medical equipment. Here at Open Box Medical, you can find all your medical equipment needs, from used home care beds and used full electric beds/ used semi electric beds to flex-a-beds and Volker hospital beds for sale. Open Box Medical will help you buy a hospital bed that fits your needs. We also offer a variety of mattresses to choose from, including: Used Foam Mattress, Used Spring Mattress, and Used Low Air Loss Mattress

Deciding on the perfect bed for your specific needs can be a tough decision to make. Our used adjustable beds are perfect for easier transfers, repositioning, and relieving pressure from areas prone to pressure injuries. Our hospital beds will also promote independence as hand controllers are available. There are two categories of adjustable beds that we have, long term care beds and the more affordable and traditional hospital beds. Each of these beds have different features.

Long Term Care Beds

  • Head and foot split side rails
  • Wireless controller
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable head and foot
  • AC Motors
  • Wheel locks
  • Weight capacity 400-600 lbs depending on model

Hospital Beds

  • Bed weight capacity is usually 350 lbs
  • Standard sleep surface area is 36"W x 80"L
  • Bed height 15" min. – 20" max. (measured from floor to bed deck)
Full Electric Beds Vs. Semi Electric Beds
Motorized up/down controller to adjust height of the bed Manual bed frame crank to adjust height of the bed
Motorized positioning of the upper body Motorized positioning of the upper body
Motorized positioning of the legs Motorized positioning of the foot
Half or full side rails Half or full side rails


Different mattresses serve different purposes. We carry used foam, spring, and low air loss mattresses. Foam mattresses are generally more comfortable in comparison to spring mattresses. They distribute weight more evenly; thus distributing pressure more evenly as well. Additionally, foam mattresses provide better back support and posture, blood flow, and are more durable. Spring mattress are one our more affordable used mattresses. Spring mattresses are designed to keep the body cool. Last but not least, low air loss mattress is designed specifically for people who have Stage III or Stage IV pressure sores. The low air loss mattresses provide relief from pressure on bony prominences and distribute pressure more evenly. Low air loss mattresses come with a pump, which allows the mattress to circulate air within specifically designed air pockets that promote blood circulation.