Used Permobil C300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair w/ Power Tilt

Permobil (Model: C300-newer)
List Price: $11,999.00
Price: $3,299.00

Pre-Owned C300 Corpus 3G Power Chair from Permobil in Great Condition.The C300 Corpus 3G is known for it's ergonomic seating & compact frame that allows it to navigate through tighter areas, while still remaining viable for the outdoors. This Permobil C300 Corpus 3G is capable of traveling up to 21.7 miles on just a single charge!

The Permobil C300 Corpus 3G, designed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers, stands out for its streamlined design and powerful drive. The C300 Corpus seating system is modular, as a result of which the depth, width, height and angle of the various seat components are easily and infinitely i.e. very accurately adjustable to the user’s body.

  • C3G Seat w/ 50° DuraCore Tilt
  • Maual Elevating Legrest
  • Adjustable Height Armrest
  • Adjustable Height Headrest
  • Top Speed up to 5 MPH

Permobil C300 Corpus 3G Features

  • C300 Base Corpus 3G R-net
  • B Seating System
  • C3G Seat w/ 50″ DuraCore Tilt & Manual Recline
  • Manual Recline angle limited to 120 degree
  • Standard Tilt Mounting Plate
  • Sear Tube Fixed
  • Batteries Grp 34 (60Ah) Sealed LA/Gel
  • R-net Remote Control JS w/ Mono Jacks, No Lights
  • Retractable Joystick Mnt Right, Cone Shapped Joystick
  • Multiple Seat Function Control Kit For R-net
  • Mount ICS Switchbox onto R-net Joystick Bracket
  • Leatherette Cushion – Corpus 3G Ergo Back
  • Right Armrest Bracket – Medial Swivel Locked
  • Height Adjustable Armrests, 4″ x 16″ Corpus 3G Armrest Pad Right Leatherette
  • 4″ x 16″ Corpus 3G Armrest Pad Left Leatherette
  • UT Calf Support Kikt (J) w/ Mesh Cover & Adj Hardware
  • Power Elevating Center Mount Legrest -170 degree
  • Adj Removable – Thigh Support Hardware
  • Bodypoint Non – Padded Hip Belt, UniTrack – Large
  • UT Thgh/Hip Suppt (G) w/ Mesh Cover High(Pair)
  • ADD 1″ Foam Padding, 3G Footplates, Leatherette
  • Send the Corpus 3G Plastic Lateral Wedge Part
  • Based on The Power Functions Selected
  • Send The Corpus 3G Plastic Lateral
  • Based on the power functions

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Brand Permobil
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Overall Length 39"
Overall Width 20"
Overall Height 44"
Seat Widths 17"
Seath Depth 18"
Backrest Width 16"
Backrest Height 23"
Seat To Floor Height 18"
Turning Radius 20"
Maximum Speed 5 MPH
Range Per Charge Up to 21.7 Miles

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