Used Liko Soft Original HighBack Polyester Sling (Medium)

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Liko (Model: 3526115)
List Price: $375.00
Price: $215.00

All Used Slings Have Been Thoroughly Washed, Cleaned, and Sanitized!

Liko 3526115 Soft Original HighBack polyester sling model 26 is designed to adapt to the patient without individual adjustments. It provides a semi-reclined sitting posture and optimum support for the entire body, which is good for patients with reduced head and torso stability. A properly fitted and carefully applied sling will give the patient a sense of security, as well as a high degree of comfort. Liko 3526115 Soft original high back sling can be used in all common lifting situations. The soft reinforced soft head support provides extra comfortable support for the head in both a sitting and a supine position.

Liko 3526115 Features

  • Optimized fit and comfort
  • Can be used to lift most patients
  • Enables a semi-reclined sitting posture
  • Best choice for lifting from a horizontal position
  • Provides added comfortable support for the head
Size Medium
User Weight 88 - 176 lbs
Max. Load 440 lbs