Used Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed Package

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Brand: Invacare
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Full-Electric Hospital Bed Package from Invacare in Great Condition. This Hospital Bed is fully adjustable with electric controls. Very Easy to clean & maintain. Comes with your choice of FREE half rails or full rails & a standard spring mattress!

Sleeping surface is 80" L x 36" W
Choosing a side rail is a relatively easy decision, both full-length and half-length side rails collapse down for the user to get in & out of the bed easily. Both side rails come in pairs for each side of the bed.

Invacare introduces the next generation Hospital Bed. Invacare's IVC Hospital Bed offers a number of innovations that translate into long-term savings over the product lifecycle. The new IVC Hospital Bed components such as the Universal Bed End, head spring, and foot spring are interchangeable with your existing Invacare hospital bed fleet, so you can now upgrade your fleet with these enhancements. These new features are designed to be easier to deliver, set-up, clean, and maintain.

Convenient for both the user and caregiver to adjust body position and bed height. Users and caregivers can easily adjust body position and bed height with intuitive hand pendant. Maintenance is easy with color-coded junction box connections. Interchangeable bed ends reduce inventory and are washable with standard water pressure. 

What's Included

  • Invacare Full-Electric Bed
  • Remote Control
  • Side Rails of Your Choice (Half or Full)
  • Standard Spring Mattress (Upgrades Available)
  • OverBed Table


Bed Height 15" Min - 23" Max (Measurement from Floor to Bed Deck)
Overall Dimensions 36"W x 88"L
Sleep Surface 36"W x 80"L
Product Weight Capacity 350 lbs Patient Weight
450 lbs Inclusive of All Accessories

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