TiLite Aero T Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

TiLite Aero Z Owners Manual.pdf
TiLite (Model: AeroTGreen)
List Price: $3,635.00
Price: $2,200.00

Pre-Owned TiLite Aero Z Ultra Light Wheelchair in Great Working Condition. This chair has some cosmetic wear (see photos), so it has been priced accordingly. Upgrades & specifications are listed in the description.

TiLite Aero T Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

The TiLite Aero T is constructed from high-strength, lightweight (starting at just 12 pounds) T6 Aluminum and is designed with dual-tube technology, elegant lines and advanced frame geometry providing superior rigidity and optimal energy transfer. The adjustable front and rear seat heights ensures you get the customization you need for your unique situation. TiLite offers more customizations than any other manufacturer, so you can be sure to get a chair that fits both your body and your personality.


Model ... Aero T (Aluminum Frame)

Frame Finish ... Acid Green Metallic

Anodize Color ... Black

Rear Seat Width ... 19"

Front Seat Taper ... No Taper

Seat Depth ... 18"

Front Seat Height ... 18.5"

Rear Seat Height ... 16"

Front Angle ... 80 degrees

Footrest Type ... Angle Adjustable

Seat to Footrest ... 16"

Footrest Width ... 15" (2" Taper)

Seat Back Type ... Folding, Adjustable Height Aluminum

TiShaft™ Back Release Bar ... Aluminum

Push Handles ... Integrated

Seat Back Height ... 17.5"-20.5" (Tall)

Set Back Height ... 17.5"

Seat Back that Locks when Folded ... Seat Back that Locks when Folded

4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar ... 4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar

Seat Back Angle ... 95 degrees

Center of Gravity ... 3"

Camber Tube ... Aluminum

Camber ... 2 degrees

Camber Plugs ... Adjustable Rear Wheel Spacing

Rear Wheel Spacing ... 1"

Front Wheels ... 5" x 1.5" LiteSpeed Plastic Wheel w/ Soft Roll Tire

Front Forks ... TiLite Standard

Rear Wheels ... 24" Pneumatic™

Axles ... Stainless Quick Release

Rear Tires ... Treaded w/ Airless Inserts (Pneumatic/Solid)

Handrims ... Aluminum - Silver Anodized

Wheel Locks ... O-F Composite Scissor Lock

Back Upholstery ... Invacare Matrix Elite Backrest

Seat Upholstery ... Tension Adjustable Bolt-On

Seat Belt ... Bodypoint® 2" Wide Push-Button Buckle (Auto-Style)

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