SmartDrive MX1 Power Assist System

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SmartDrive MX1 Owners Manual
Max Mobility (Model: MX1)
List Price: $5,455.00
Price: $1,195.00

This open box SmartDrive MX1 is in Excellent condition, and has not been used. This SmartDrive MX1 is the original, first generation version, which is why it has been priced to sell fast. This is the perfect Add-on for an active user who wants to give their upper body a break on long stretches of road, or to help power through tough terrain like carpet or hills.

The Smart Drive MX1 is a revolutionary wheelchair power assist device from Max Mobility. At a combined weight of 19.6 lbs. between the battery and motor, the SmartDrive MX1 is a portable yet powerful assistive device that can help you navigate your wheelchair over thick carpet, grass or padded flooring and easily powers you up steep hills and ramps.

The SmartDrive MX1 was built for the active wheelchair user. The battery, which weighs 8 lbs., mounts easily under your seat sling by sliding onto the sling itself with a clip. The 11 lb. motor attaches to an easy to install hitch on the axle sleeve of your chair. It fits on almost any chair including folding wheelchairs.

One of the most beneficial perks about the SmartDrive is how it helps prevent against wear and tear on your upper body. Use the technology provided in the SmartDrive MX1 to save your shoulders and joints from unnecessary strain.

Range 10 miles
Maximum speed (level surface) 4.5 mph
Maximum speed (6° incline) 4.0 mph
Motor power 250 W
Motor voltage 24 V
Operating temperature -25 °C to 50 °C
Continuous theoretical driving range 11.7 W-h/km
Maneuvering theoretical range 18.6 W-h/km
Maximum thermal drive test range 60 minutes / 1522 ft (no failure)
Total weight 19.6 lbs

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