Scalamobil IQ Stair Climber for Wheelchairs

Alber USA (Model: scalamobilff)
Price: $999.00

Every single step is an obstacle if you are no longer able to independently climb stairs due to illness or disability – be it at home, at the doctor’s office, in public buildings, or when visiting friends and relatives. The new scale mobile makes difficult routes accessible again: It doesn't matter whether stairs are steep, narrow, or windy, whether they are made from wood, stone, or carpeted: scala mobile easily and smoothly climbs all stairs. And it is simply and safely operated with little effort. Scalamobil can be used with some common models of folding manual wheelchairs or can be fitted with a Scalachair or Scalaport accessory.


    • ErgoBalance handles developed by specialists for a secure hold and which require minimum effort
    • With soft cushions at points where high-pressure levels are experienced
    • Separate control elements to preselect the climbing direction and to initiate climbing
    • Ergonomic, fatigue-free main switch, ideal even for longer climbs
    • SoftTouch comfort cushion on the rear of the control unit to place on the thigh for additional support when climbing stairs backward
    • The widths of the left and right handles can be adjusted separately to adapt to narrow stairwells or the user’s body shape
    • Continuously variable handlebar height adjustment
    • The handlebar can be easily fitted to and removed from the drive without cables

    Climbing unit with automatic safety brake

    • Patented climbing mechanism for universal use on virtually any stairs
    • Tires made from wear-resistant material, reliably gentle on the stair covering in the long term
    • Four automatic safety brakes with improved surmounting of obstacles reliably stop the scala mobile before the edge of each step
    • Housing with a sturdy lightweight aluminum design
    • With a practical carrying handle for simple loading
    • With bolts to hold the wheelchair
    • The wheels of scala mobile reduce their speed before attaching to the next step
    • This eliminates shocks efficiently
    • Timing of speed-reduction in dependency of the height of the steps
    • Timing of speed-reduction in dependency of the holding angle of scala mobile
    • Elimination of the load change due to a stop in balance position: the device will not continue unless the operator changes the bearing of the system
    Climbing speed

    6-19 steps/min


    Up to 300 steps

    Max. weight of the person

    308 lbs

    Max. permitted total weight

    400 lbs
    (scalamobil, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)

    Battery pack

    2 x 12 V; 3.4 Ah

    Weight and dimensions of individual parts
    Climbing unit

    40 lbs (without battery pack)

    Battery pack

    6 lbs


    11 lbs

    Weight (total)

    56 lbs

    Width (total)

    17 - 20.5 in

    Height (total)

    47 - 63 in

    Step height (a) of step (b)
    scalamobil 35/36
    scalamobil 38






    scalamobil 36/scalachair
    scalamobil 35 with standard wheelchair
    recommended turning radius