Quickie S-636 Power Tilt Wheelchair (154 Miles)

Sunrise Medical (Model: s636)
List Price: $8,599.00
Price: $4,299.00

Pre-Owned Quickie S-636 from Sunrise Medical in Great Condition. Slight Cosmetic wear on footrests. This Quickie S-636 is built to last with it's Dynamic Suspension & Hybrid-Wheel Drive. This S-636 Power Wheelchair comes fully loaded with power-assist features such as Power Tilt & Power Recline.

The Quickie S-636 Power Tilt Wheelchair is built tough for only the most serious outdoor enthusiasts. With top speeds that can go up to an impressive 6.5 mph, standard 4-pole motors, and an innovative suspension drive that can tackle the toughest terrain (while maintaining a hybrid base that allows for graceful maneuvering indoors), why wouldn’t you switch to the Quickie S-636? The S-636 also comes standard with seating options that include features such as tilt, recline, and power-elevating leg rests to ensure that the rider’s positioning needs are met.


Used Quickie S-636 Power Wheelchair is a revolutionary wheelchair that provides the user with stability, driving performance, and quality. Each Quickie S-636 power wheelchair has specifications of the following: User Weight Capacity: 300lbs, Seat Width: 17”, Seat Depth: 19”, Floor to Seat: 19”, Backrest Height: 19”, and also has a tilt option. For more information, be sure to contact Open Box Medical Supply’s customer service as they can provide in-depth information on whether or not the user will fit the necessary specifications. Safety should always be the primary focus when it comes to power wheelchairs. Be sure that you or whoever is using the S-636 Power Wheelchair is well aware of the dangers that wheelchairs can evoke if not utilized properly. Keep children and pets away from the power wheelchair at all times to avoid unnecessary injuries. Be sure to check out all of our other great wheelchair products and accessories to match your new S-636 today!

Hybrid Base

The S-6 Series’ drive wheel is situated between the traditional mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive positions. Joining the tight turning span and mobility of mid-wheel drive with the off-road execution you know and love from back wheel drive, the S-6’ intrepid design leaves to be desired.

Dynamic Suspension

Each of the S-6 Series’ six wheels work freely for unrivaled footing and superior traction. Whether you’re up against snow, rock, or slippery climbs, the S-6 Series power wheelchairs can overcome every one of them while still providing the user with a smooth, stable ride.

Simplified Battery Access

The S-6 Series’ battery compartments are designed to make the user experience as least demanding as possible. On the off chance that your batteries need to be supplanted or adjusted, you can stay situated in your wheelchair during the entire maintenance process.

Power Tilt and Recline

Used Quickie S-636 Power Wheelchair offer a wide scope of power seating choices. With a discretionary 53° of force tilt, power recline with shear reduction, and power lifting and articulating legrests positions, users will be able to function with ease and in a comfortable state. If you want the finest used power wheelchair, pick up the S-636 wheelchair. Each product is carefully inspected and maintained before being released to the client. For more information, call Open Box Medical Supply’s customer service line today.

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Product Weight: Approx. 128 lbs. w/o batteries
Seat Widths: 14 in. - 24 in.
Seat Depth: 14 in. - 22 in.
Seat Height: 18 in. - 21 in. seat to floor (non-tilt)18.5 in./20.5 in. (tilt)
Electronic Options: VR2 Joystick / R-net
Performance Packages (Speed in mph) S-636: 6.5 mph/ 0-300 lb. weight capacity Optional 8.5 mph
Tilt Option:Power Tilt and Recline
Battery Type: Group 24, 22 NF
Overall Width: 25.75 in. (14 in. - 20 in. seat widths), 27.75 in. (22 in., 24 in. seat widths)
Drive Wheel Size: 14 in. X 3 in.
Drive Tire: Knobby, V-Groove
Caster Options: 8 in., 8 in. (suspension), 9 in.
Serial Number Location: Right side inside front of base frame

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