Quickie Pulse 6 Electric Wheelchair With Tilt And Leg Elevator

Sunrise Medical (Model: Quickie_Pulse6)
List Price: $4,216.00
Price: $2,899.00

Pre-Owned Quickie Pulse 6 Electric Wheelchair With Tilt and leg elevator in great condition. The Quickie® Pulse® is a compact, durable power wheelchair that gives you infinite indoor accessibility and in-town driving capabilities. Its reliable motors, simple electronics, and seating options give you just what you need to make the most out of your day.

Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair

The Pulse 6 has great mid-wheel drive performance. The Pulse's top speed is 6 mph and the Electrocraft motors are the same motors that have been used on the Quickie power wheelchair line for 6 years. The Quickie Pulse 6 utilizes proven performance and design to offer a durable power chair with superior handling. The chair's speed is settable from 0-6mph and you'll get a full day's use on an overnight charge. The flat-free 13" diameter drive wheels provide a great ride and zoom up most inclines and ramps you'll come across. Captain's Seat - provides a relaxed sitting position and features a semi-recline, fold-down backrest, adjustable seat size, and convertible seat pan that allows you to use your preferred cushion.

Product Features

  • Power Tilt
  • Power Leg Elevator
  • Mid wheel drive
  • 13" Drive Wheels
  • Includes 22NF Batteries
  • Up To 15 mile Range between battery charges
  • Industry standard VR-2 electronics
  • Reliable and compact for indoor accessibility
  • Linix 6 mph, 4-pole standard motor package
  • Flexible suspension system for optimal outdoor performance
Frame Color Silver
Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Drive Wheel Position Mid-Wheel
Drive Wheel Size 13", Flat Free
Speed 6mph
Seat Width 16"
Seat Depth 20"
Base Width: 24.5"
Base Length 34"
Front Caster 7"
Armrests Type Flip-Back, Height-Adjustable
Joystick Standard – VR2 (right-hand or left-hand mount)
Driving Range Up to 15 Miles

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