Quickie 2 Foldable Ultralight Weight Wheelchair

Sunrise Medical (Model: quickie_2_demo_02)
List Price: $3,684.00
Price: $2,995.00

This is a DEMO Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, has never been used. The modern Quickie 2 brings advanced aesthetics and technology to the folding ultra lightweight manual wheelchair. 7000 Series Aerospace Aluminum makes the redesigned crossbrace more rigid, stronger, and lighter.

Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

Modular Frame Design

The versatility of the Quickie 2 is in its modular wheelchair frame that adapts with you as your function, body, and environment change. Independent, interchangeable frame components accommodate changing conditions without having to replace the entire wheelchair. You're always getting the best from your Quickie 2.

Alyssa knows something about being versatile. After moving from a big city to a small town in Virginia, she found the Quickie 2 to be the perfect fit.

EXO Upholstery

EXO upholstery brings a sleek, modern style to the Quickie 2 providing optimal positioning. It is simple and fast to adjust with or without tension adjustability. Its light weight and premium aesthetics makes it the perfect addition to the Quickie 2.

Stronger and Lighter
  • Light & Durable Crossbrace
    Quickie engineering has developed a time-tested frame with the durability of a 300 lb. standard weight capacity, all while reducing overall chair weight. The 4-arm diamond shape crossbrace made out of 7005 series aluminum makes the redesigned crossbrace more rigid, stronger, and lighter.
  • Adjustable Axle Plate
    Why not have one axle plate that does it all? With the new Adjustable Axle Plate you will have all the seat-to-floor heights you ever wanted and intuitive ease of adjustments.
  • Integral Caster Housing
    The optional Q2 caster housing (standard on Q2 Lite) combines durability and adjustability with sleek styling.

Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

Model Quickie 2
Frame Type Rear Side Frame Straight
Color Matte Black
Seat Width 17"
Seat Depth 17"
Frame Depth 18"
Front Seat to Floor Height 19"
Back Height 15"
Rear Seat to Floor Height 18.5"
Handrim Natural Fit  STD Grip
Axles Type Quick Release
Caster Wheels 5" Low Profile  Polyurethane
Camber 0 Degree
Wheel Lock Push to Lock
Footplate Type Composite Footplate
Footrest Extension Tubes Medium
Seat Sling Standard
Rear Wheels 24" Spinergy LX Wheels
Armrests Height Adjustable
Footrest Width 18", Swing Away
Backrest Standard Backrest
Back Upholstery Upholstery Piping Black

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