Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Rehab Power Chair

Permobil (Model: Permobil_M300_05)
List Price: $26,568.00
Price: $3,995.00

This is a pre-owned Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair in Great Condition. The M300 Corpus 3G Combines it's compact frame with the comfortable Corpus seating to provide a smooth driving & durable powerchair. Comes equipped with Power Recline, Power Tilt & Power Elevating Legrests.

This pre owned Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair offers the most recent and most prominent in wheelchair innovation. The M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair offers a somewhat smaller and more adaptable body for an improved steadiness and stability. The M300 is ideal for indoor clients. However, it is still a solid and hearty wheelchair for users that are looking to travel outdoors as well. For the clients that have high demands in regards to the seat that they want, note that the Corpus seat will be a natural for you. There are very few manufacturers that can match the M300 as far as ergonomics and flexibility. The Pre Owned Permobil M300 Corpus has an extensive degree of accessories and frill, including their all-new Uni-Track adornments framework.

Smaller Chassis. The M300 Corpus Power Wheelchair’s compact chassis improves maneuverability indoors. Users will benefit from this by being able to travel back-and-forth to destinations without suffering from performance drops. You would be surprised to tell the difference between Permobil’s used rehab power wheelchair and a brand-new one.

Improved Ergonomics. A highly developed ergonomic design makes the Corpus 3G extremely restful and pleasant to sit in. The seat has been developed in cooperation with the most prominent leaders in ergonomics.

Larger Wheels. With larger wheels and suspension on the Corpus 3G, users will experience an improved driving experience and enhanced outdoor access features. No longer do users need to drive around in subpar conditions with a mediocre power wheelchair. Experience the revolutionary comforts and high performance of the Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair today.

Modular Seat. The Corpus 3G is designed in modules, making it extraordinarily flexible and adaptable for the most extreme demands for seat comfort, support, and special functions.

Improved Suspension. The Corpus 3G has an improved suspension that is individually adjustable, which allows a higher level of comfort and an excellent driving performance.

Advanced Control Systems. Users can choose between the advanced R-net control system or the simpler VR2. The R-net is designed to handle a variety of different electronic functions – i.e. in the seat – while the VR-2 has a much simpler maneuvering system with basic functions.

Maneuvering Armrests. The Corpus 3G’s new fold-up armrests helps facilitate getting in and out of the chair with ease. The armrests can be easily folded up, allowing the user to get in and out of the seat without having to fiddle with the armrest.

Permobil M300 Corpus 3G Power Wheelchair

Brand Permobil
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Maximum Speed 6.0 MPH
Driving Range: 13 Miles
Ground Clearance: 3.1"
Battery Capacity: Group 34
Base Width: 24"
Base Length: 41"
Gradient Capacity : 9° Up, 9° Down
Drive Wheel Suspension: Yes
Seat Width: 21"
Seat Depth: 21"
Backrest Height: 18"
Backrest Height With Headrest: 26"
Floor To Seat: 19"

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