Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Wheelchair

Permobil (Model: c500-vs-standing)
List Price: $48,122.00
Sale: $7,999.00

Pre-Owned Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Wheelchair in Like-New Condition. This High-end C500 VS come fully-loaded with power options such as Power Tilt, Power Recline, Power Seat Elevator, Power Leg Rest Elevator, & Power Standing.

The Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Wheelchair has Power Tilt, Power Recline, 10" Seat Elevator, Power Leg Elevator, Power Standing Position, and works well with both indoor and outdoor use. The C500 VS has sufficient power & torque for navigating through rough terrain, while the independent suspension of the C500 VS provides a super smooth ride. Users can maneuver in tight spaces with a 26” turning radius, as well as make your way through a crowd in the Standing Position. The seating system allows users to stand upright from any position, along with driving the chair while standing. The Permobil C500 VS Power Stand-Up Wheelchair gives the user unlimited positioning options to choose from, such as sitting to standing, standing to partially standing, or fully reclined positions.

Features & Upgrades

Part Number Specification Price
I103348-99-0 Stand & Drive Legrest Assembly - VS Seat $697.00
I103265-99-0 C500 Base VS R-net, 5.0 mph $12,285.00
I103343-99-0 4"x14" Corpus Arm Right - Dual Taper, Leatherette
I10502 Power Articulating Center Mount Elevating Legrests $2,995.00
I101100-99-0 Push Handles for Standing Seat $345.00
ID51154IR Omni Control Module for R-net w/ Infrared $1,496.00
I10585 Multiple Seat Function Control Kit for R-net $2,925.00
I100979-99-0 Footplate, Fold / Lock Adult Legrest Only $369.00
I103095-99-0 UT Thigh/Hip Suppt (C) w/ Mesh Cover - High (Pair) $229.00
I101003-99-0 Armrest Mount High
I10451 Match Hub Cap to Shroud Color
I10513 Harness for Expandable Controller $475.00
I10411 Expandable Controller - R-net $545.00
I10038 Ergonomic Seat Cushion Leatherette $483.00
I104134-99-0 Power Standing Function - VS Seat $5,695.00
I10501 Power Tilt & Power Recline - VS Seat $10,995.00
ID51040 R-net Remote Joystick w/ Toggle Switches $616.00
I104131-99-0 Headrest for Ergo Back w/ Curved Mount Brkt - Leath $268.00
I103394-99-0 UT Calf Support Kit (J) w Mesh Cover & Adj Hdw - VS
I100796-99-0 Ergo Back 18"W x 26.5"T - Leatherette, For Stander $852.00
I10504 Set Seat Height at 18.5"
I10556 Adj Removable - Tray Hardware (1 Each) $216.00
I10400 Bodypoint Non-Padded Hip Belt, UniTrack - Medium
I103499-99-0 Tri-Spoke Split Rim w/ Flat Free Drive Tire 3x8"
I10016 Height Adjustable Armrest Assembly
I103816-99-0 C500 Shroud Onyx Black
I10552 Adj Removable - Headrest Hardware (1 Each) $216.00
I102799-99-0 Toggle Switches on Seat Function Control Kit $249.00
I103342-99-0 4"x14" Corpus Arm Left - Dual Taper, Leatherette
I103255-99-0 Power Adjustable Seat Height - 10" Travel $2,845.00
I100572-99-0 Upper Extremity Support Joystick Cutout 18" W $328.00
I101473-99-0 Medical Necessity Bag Clips - Carabiner Style $76.00
I10550 Adj Removable - Thigh Support Hardware (Pair) $431.00
IM24 SLD G FT Batteries, Group 24 Sealed LA/Gel, Installed $775.00
I103353-99-0 Kneeblock Upholstery - Leatherette
I103289-99-0 VS Seat Size 19"W x 20"D
I101097-99-0 Chest Bar 18" Adjustable Leatherette $249.00
I103635-99-0 Light Kit, R-net, C400/C500 $972.00
I103820-99-0 Retractable Joystick Mnt Right - R-net, VR2 Only $495.00
Total Cost with Upgrades: $48,122.00
Maximum Speed 5.0 mph
Driving Range 19 - 25 Miles
Max User Weight 265 lbs
Ground Clearance 2.75"
Battery Capacity Group 24
Width 25.75" - 28.5"
Length 38"
Gradient Capacity 12°
Drive Wheel Suspension Yes
Power Seat Elevator 10"
Seat Dimensions 19" W x 20" D
Backrest Dimensions 18" W - 26.5" T
Seat To Floor Height 18.5"
Electronics R-Net
Alternative Drive Controls Yes w/R-Net

3-Month Warranty From Open Box Medical

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