Open Box EasyStand Evolv Adult with Glider Option

EasyStand (Model: Evolv)
List Price: $5,695.00
Price: $3,899.00

The EasyStand Evolv Adult size is a never used open box item. Comes as is with upgrades! Competitors base price is $5695.00 without upgrades.

Pictures Show Upgrades! If interested in those upgrades, contact us for price!

The EasyStand Evolv standing frame is a revolutionary standing product for the disabled. Now with a new full range seat that allows more range of motion than ever before. The Easy Stand Glider provides safe, dynamic leg motion and upper body exercise during standing therapy. Precise user positioning was achieved by relocating the pivot point of the stander to mimic the body's natural pivot point, minimizing shear and maximizing function. The EasyStand Evolv is now the most modular stander to date; such configurations as the "active standing" Glider or the Shadow Support Tray can be added at any time. The open base and wider seat allow for easier transfers, both independent or with the use of a patient lift. By increasing modularity, making transfers easier, & minimizing shear, we have achieved our ultimate goal, to "make standing achievable for more people".

The ergonomically designed glide handles of the EasyStand Evolv are linked allowing one leg to move forward while the other moves back. The geometric design of the leg support system prevents vertical shearing while legs are in motion. With its adjustable resistance, users can enjoy a mild or vigorous workout while enhancing the therapeutic benefits of standing. Unlike regular standing tables, the Evolv with glider option is an active exerciser.

EasyStand Evolv Features

  • Upper body exercise is adjustable from mild to vigorous
  • Enhances the therapeutic benefits of standing
  • Use as a both a stander and an exerciser
  • Upper torso back support can be ordered as an option
Height Range: 5'0"-6'2"
User Weight Limit: 280 lbs.
Seat Depth Range (seat pivot to hip pivot): 16"-21"
Seat to Footplate Range (from seat pivot): 16"-21"
Seat Height 21.5"
Standard Tray Size 21" x 24"
Tray/Chest Pad Depth Range (from seat pivot): 0"-10"
Tray/Chest Pad Height Range (from seat pivot): 15.5"-30"
Kneepad Depth Range (from seat pivot): 2.5"-5"
Kneepad Width (center to center) 9"
Footprint 24" x 33"
Weight of Basic Unit 107 lbs.
Frame Color Charcoal
Upholstery Color Black Dartex

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