Open Box Colours AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls

Colours (Model: AZ-1)
List Price: $369.00
Sale: $179.00

These are out of the box in excellent condition portable hand controls for driving. Get it before it's sold out, we only have 1 in stock at this price (competitors sell it for about twice our price). Comes with manufacturer warranty PLUS 30-day warranty from us.

The AZ-1 portable hand control system is designed for disabled drivers with high amounts of hand control and function. When you travel away from your standard car with permanent hand controls, you might require a portable set of hand controls. If you are looking for a portable hand control system to use when traveling or to test drive that new vehicle then the AZ-1 might be perfect for you!

Colours AZ-1 State of the Art Features

  • Thumb control knob for easy acceleration.
  • Left hand professional grip brake handle for quick braking response.
  • Thumb screw nut bolts for easy and secure installation. No need for any tools!
  • Hand-control sit comfortably on your lap giving you the most control and function.
  • Material is Aerospace Aluminum 6061 T-6
  • Controls collapse for storage when traveling.
  • The length can be adjusted to suit each users needs.
  • Grip won't heat up when your car gets hot.

AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls Specifications & Features

  • Strong and Lightweight:
    • Material is Aerospace Aluminum 6061 T-6
  • Adjustable Length:
    • The length can be adjusted to suit each users needs
  • Collapsible Design:
    • The controls are made to collapse for storage when traveling
  • Professional Grip:
    • The handgrip is a professional grip that won’t heat up when your car gets hot
  • Easy Installation:
    • The AZ-1 Automotive Hand Controls are easy to install and remove on most vehicles
  • Function:
    • Push to brake, thumb for gas control
    • Left hand use
    • Adjustable length
    • No tools needed for adjustment of installation

30-Day Warranty From Open Box Medical

If for some reason you are encountering problems with the medical equipment you purchased, you must first contact us by calling (818) 896-8772. If the purchased item is being used within our service area, we will schedule an appointment to send out a repair technician as soon as possible to diagnose the issue, and determine whether it can be fixed or not. If the item is not in our service area, depending on the location, we will either be able to send out a repair technician or have you ship the item back to us. The warranty is void if the item's ownership is transferred to a new owner, damaged due to misuse, accident, normal wear and tear, or if the equipment is used in any way that would void the original warranty offered by the manufacturer. For more information about our warranty, please contact us by calling (818) 896-8772 during our normal business hours.