Open Box 24" Spinergy Carbon Blade Wheels

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Spinergy (Model: TIL-CP107853)
List Price: $1,129.00
Price: $800.00

New Open Box 24" Spinergy Carbon Blade Wheels, Never Used. This set of Carbon Fiber Wheels is the lightest wheel available from Spinergy at just 568g per wheel! These 24" Carbon Blade Wheels have a rim width of 19mm.

Spinergy Carbon Blade

Not only does it have a very stylish appearance, the Spinergy Carbon Blade wheel is the lightest Spinergy wheelchair wheel on the market. The patented PBO bladed fiber spokes make for a sleek profile with a cutting edge look similar to high-end aero bicycle wheels. And, with its' minimalistic hub design and 19mm rim width, this wheel combines a slim profile with the performance you expect from the Spinergy made brand.

Spinergy Carbon Blade Features & Details

  • Carbon Fiber Rim
  • Performance, Style, & Strength
  • Spoke count: 18 per wheel
  • Rim size: 24" (540mm)
  • Rim width:19mm
  • Stylish black anodized aluminum hub
  • Super strong, polyphenylene fiber blade spokes
  • Strength and stiffness rating: Very high
  • Bearing I.D.: 1/2"
  • Bearing to bearing widths: 2"
  • Spoke color: Pewter grey
  • Fits most ultralight wheelchairs
  • Weight: 568g per wheel
  • Wheel Size: 24" (540mm)
  • 18 spokes per wheel
  • Rim width: 19mm
  • Radial laced
  • Bearing I.D.: 1/2"
  • Weight: 568g/wheel
  • Carbon fiber rims
  • Polyphenylene fiber spokes (3 times stronger than steel)
  • Bearing to bearing width: 2"