Manufacturer Demo Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Chair

Permobil (Model: c500-vs)
List Price: $49,999.00
Price: $9,899.00

This Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Wheelchair is a Demo Chair purchased directly from the manufacturer in Brand-New Condition.This C500 VS is easily maneuverable through tight spaces, and allows the user to drive the chair while in the standing position. This C500 VS Standing Power Chair comes Fully-Loaded with Power Standing, Power Seat Elevator, Power Recline, Power Tilt, Power Elevating Legrests, Upgraded High-Speed Motors & More!

The Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Chair. With its new clean design and R-Net electronics, there is no protesting the fact the Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Chair is the best seat in town. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the Permobil C500 VS Standing Power Chair has enough power and torque to navigate through rough terrain. Yet the independent suspension of the C500 VS provides a smooth ride.

Users can maneuver in tight spaces with a 26″ turning radius, perfect for making your way through a crowd. Plus, the seating system allows you to stand upright from any position as well as to drive while standing.We believe that your chair should be a reflection of your personality, so we offer a wide variety of standard color options for you to choose from for your shroud and hubcaps.


  • High Speed Motors
  • Power Standing
  • Power Tilt
  • Power Seat Elevator
  • Power Recline
  • Power Legrest
Brand Permobil
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Seat Widths 19"
Seath Depth 19"
Backrest width 18"
Backrest height 26.5"
Power Tilt 0° - 50°
Power Recline 85° - 175°
Legrest Elevation 85° - 170°
Floor To Seat Height 20.5"
Power Standing Yes
Turning Radius 28.15”
Driving Range 18-24 miles
Maximum Speed 5-7 MPH

3-Month Warranty From Open Box Medical

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