Manufacturer Demo Kuschall Advance Ultralight Wheelchair with Varilite Back

Kuschall (Model: Advance)
List Price: $7,099.00
Price: $2,999.00

This Kuschall Advance Wheelchair is a Manufacturer's Demo in Like-New Condition. This Rigid Lightweight Wheelchair is very easy to adjust & is perfect for first time users. Call us for a full list of upgrades!

For something truly different, take a look at the innovative Kuschall Advance, a lightweight, rigid active wheelchair; perfect for first time use. It offers step-less adjustment of the front and rear seat heights and also the center of gravity, which makes changing positions easy to accommodate. A chair that changes with you to create a truly personal fit!

The Kuschall Advance was designed to be fine-tuned to your specific needs and even offers the possibility of changing the front frame, thanks to the quick release option. Made from carbon, the rigid seat plate is actually part of the chassis itself, increasing the stiffness of the entire wheelchair and delivering outstanding driving performance.

We have a variety of backs and seat cushions in stock for wheelchairs. Standard & Carbon Fiber Backs available. Foam, Gel, & Air cushions available as well! Contact us for pricing and availability, and we can help you choose the right one for your needs!

The Perfect Balance

At the heart of the Kuschall Advance's design, the rigid carbon seat plate with tension adjustable strips offers a perfect balance of comfort and pressure distribution to encourage an improved seating posture.

A Totally New Seating Experience

The carbon seat plate is firm and will stay rigid throughout the Kuschall Advance's lifetime. Maintaining a good seating position is key to an enhanced driving experience.

Effortless Adjustment

It's never been easier to adjust the brakes than it is on the Kuschall Advance. Enclosed within the carbon seat plate, the brakes slide easily along the seat rail making it effortless to adjust when changing the center of gravity.

Built Just For You

No other active wheelchair offers as many precise settings as the Kuschall Advance. It is designed for those who are new to a wheelchair or for those who wish to become more active. Easy and to the millimeter adjustments can place you in the perfect position to propel more efficiently for maximum performance.

Double Take

The unique fixation system on the Kuschall Advance gives the option of fitting a second camber bar. With 65 mm difference between the two, it creates the stability needed if the wheelchair is to be used in combination with a Clip On Handcycle.

As Individual As You Are

A truly unique feature is the quick release front frame option. This allows you to change the front frames from one style to another. Fit a 90° frame with small front castors for easy maneuverability around confined in-door spaces, then simply swap to a 75° frame with larger castors to allow you to enjoy outdoor freedom, make 2 chairs out of 1.

Perfectly Positioned

With a wide range of seat cushions and backrests options available, extra support and positioning can help enhance your overall driving experience of the Kuschall Advance.

Features & Specifications

  • Kuschall Advance Special
  • DDV0000 MYKuschall special construction
  • DDV0090 Level 0 Special Construction
  • DDV0284 75 deg. Aluminum frame
  • DDV0136 Seat Width: 18"
  • DDV0424 Seat Depth: 18"
  • DDV0580 Back Height: 11"
  • DDV0852 Seat to Floor Height: 20"
  • DDV0948 Rear Seat to Floor Height: 17"
  • DDV1684 Knee to Heel Length: 17"
  • DDV0730 Aluminum backrest
  • DDV0772 Backrest w/ lower rounded bar
  • DDV0750 Without Push Handles
  • DDV0709 82 deg angle from the seat
  • DDV1508 Footrest Aluminum
  • DDV1408 Carbon mud guards
  • DDV0303 Frame color royal red
  • DDV0810 Front Wheel 5 light black rubber
  • DDV0250 Standard rear wheel fixation
  • DDV0278 Carbon axle
  • DDV0271 Camber bar with 3 deg
  • DDV0265 1st axle position 110 mm
  • DDV0902 24" rear wheels
  • DDV0915 Kuschall Starec wheels cross spoked
  • DDV1013 Schwalbe rightrun tires blue
  • DDV1122 Carbolife Curved Handrims
  • DDV1302 performance brakes
  • DDV1702 anti-tipper tube, right
  • DDV1726 Took Kit Kuschall Advance
  • DDV3000 Quick release frames
  • DDV3289 90 deg aluminum 2nd QR frames set
  • DDV3302 Frame color royal blue 2nd QR frames set
  • DDV3508 Footrest Aluminum for 2nd QR frames set
  • DDV3510 Footrest tube, rigid 2nd QR frames set
  • DDV3862 Front wheel 5" starec chrome 2nd QR frames set
Total cost with Upgrades: $7099
kuschall advance rigid manual wheelchair
Frame angle 75°/90° V-frame or tapered
Seat width 13½" - 18" (in increments of ¾")
Seat depth 14" - 20½" (in increments of ¾")
Backrest height 10½" - 19" (in increments of ½")
Seat height (stepless adjustable) Front - 17¾" - 21¾"
Rear - 15¼" - 19¼"
Knee-to-heel length (stepless adjustable) 8¾" - 20½"
Center of gravity (stepless adjustable) 3¼"/3¾"/4¼"/5"/5½"
Backrest angle 78°/82°/86°/90°/94°
Reversing width 36¼" - 48½"
Total width Seat width + 6¾"
Total length 75° - Approx. 32" - 38"
90° - Approx. 29" - 35"
Total weight unloaded 19.4 lbs.
Transport weight without rear wheels 13.7 lbs.
Maximum weight capacity 276 lbs.

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