Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair Blue

Invacare (Model: DEMOS3GC)
List Price: $5,689.00
Price: $2,495.00

Manufacturer's Demo Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair, Brand New. This Never-Used Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair offers adjustability and is easy to tilt. With a 300 lb weight capacity, tilt assist adjustment & a growable seat pan, the Solara 3G wheelchair offers everything necessary to match a user's individuality.

Invacare Solara 3G Tilt in Space Wheelchair

If you’re looking for a wheelchair that sets the standard for tilting wheelchairs, then look no further than the Invacare Solara 3G tilt-in-space wheelchair. This chair offers more adjustability, better serviceability and is easier to tilt. Users will be able to shift their weight and rotate easier in the Solara 3G wheelchair.


  • Unique Tilt Assist adjustment helps to correct for uneven weight distribution
  • Low Shear Recline option minimizes shearing forces
  • Optional DeGage Dynamic Rocker Back accommodates those with involuntary thrusts
  • Foot-Operated Wheel Lock easily locks both rear wheels

Upgrades & Options

  • Foot Operated Wheel Lock $50
  • Low Shear Reclining Back $800
  • Adjustable Angle Flip-Up Footplates $165
  • Matrx Flovair Max Contour Cushion $390
  • Matrx Elite Deep Back $760
  • Stealth Headrest $225

Total MSRP with Upgrades: $5689

Invacare Solara 3G Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair Blue

Seat Width Range 16-20"
Width W18
Seat Depth Range 15-19"
Depth D17
Tilt Assist Middle Setting
FSTF 17"
Frame Color Electric Blue
Casters 6"x1" Composite
Rear Wheels 12" Composite
Tires Urethane
Wheel Locks Foot Operated
Back Type Recline Back
Back Height 24" w/10" Bend
Push Handle Adjustable Angle Stoller Handle
Arms Low Setting, 2-Point Full
Accessories Rear Anti-Tippers
Front Riggings 70 degree Swingaway Non-Tapered, Offset
Footplate Adjustable Angle Flip-up
Back Matrx Elite Deep Back
Cushion Flovair Max
Headrest Stealth Headrest
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

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