Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter

Invacare (Model: AIRPTMBDY)
List Price: $3,999.99
Price: $1,299.00

This Pre-Owned Pronto Air Personal Transporter is in Great condition, with very minimal signs of wear. The 18"W x 18"D Seat fits comfortably for most users, and the Pronto Air has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. This Pronto Air would be a perfect choice for a user that wants all-day-long comfort, and the option to disassemble on occasion for travel or storage.

The Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter Power wheelchair redefines pure power mobility for the user. It combines years of refining & research from Invacares approach to mobility with the delivery of innovation and experience.

Inspiration is present everywhere with the innovative design, but especially evident in the Pronto Air's MyBody Seating. Invacare created the MyBody Seating to promote better posture for users through contoured, pressure relieving foam and natural points of rest which may result in less fatigue at the end of a fulfilling, accomplished day.

Why Should I Choose the Pronto Air?

Whether your top priority is safety, comfort, or reliability, the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter is the electric wheelchair for you. It is at the top of the market in all of the categories that are important to consumers because it was especially designed with the customer experience in mind.

No one wants to feel more exhausted after spending a day in their electric wheelchair because it doesn’t fit their body well. Owning an electric wheelchair should improve your quality of life without adding extra stress on your body. With that goal in mind, the designers at Invacare invented the MyBody Seating so that you can spend all day travelling in comfort. Its lush padding and ergonomic technology actually works to relieve stress, lessen fatigue, and comfortably conform to the body of the driver.

Seat Width 18"
Seat Depth 18"
Weight Capacity 250 lb
Overall Length 37.8"
Overall Width 23.5"
Weight, Total 190 lb
Weight, Base 75 lb
Weight, Seat 55 lb
Weight, Batteries 60 lb
Minimum Seat Height 21"
Maximum Seat Height 25"
Drive Wheels 12"x2.5" Non-marking Urethane
Caster Wheels 6"x2" Urethane with Precision Sealed Bearings
Battery Type 17 AHx2

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