Invacare CS3 Carroll Hospital Bed Hi-Low Set Package

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Invacare (Model: IHCSAMSBC-QSP)
List Price: $2,299.00
Price: $1,299.00

Pre-Owned Invacare CS3 Carroll Hospital Bed in Excellent Condition. This Hi Low Hospital Bed drops to 8.5" height making it one of the lowest beds on the market and raises to 27" at the highest setting. Comes with Invacare Solace Prevention Mattress & Invacare Trapeze Bar included.

Invacare CS3 Carroll Long Term Care Hospital Bed

The Carroll CS3 Adjustable Bed manufactured by Invacare is a long term care bed that can support up to 450 pounds. This Carroll Hospital Bed is designed to provide stability throughout the travel range. The bed can lower the sleep deck down to 8.5 inches from the floor. This hi-low bed is mobile while in its low position an may be moved from room to room. The assembly is tool-less with fast connections that provide for easy setup, disassembly and for making alterations. The wheels can lock with the Maxi-Lock feature to secure the bed in all elevated positions. An arched slat deck on this hospital bed provides for improved infection control and reduces mattress wear and tear.

Hospital Bed Mattress Solace Foam

Therapy Mattress: Solace Prevention optimizes pressure distribution that reduces the urge to toss-and-turn. That means less re-adjusting and re-positioning during the sleep cycle.

This Two-layered mattress designed to prevent pressure ulcers in low risk users. Soft head and heel section protect vulnerable areas. The Cover is designed for pressure relief and comfort, Solace is fluid-proof, anti-microbial and soft to the touch. The multi-dimensional stretch design alleviates pressure on bony prominence and provides optimal skin protection. Mattress Cover is zippered and removable. Constructed with nylon top cover and Tri-Laminate vinyl bottom. Easy to clean.

Invacare Carroll CS3
  • Overall Length: 80"
  • Overall Width: 36"
  • Overall Height:8.5"-27"
  • Product Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Wheels: Swivel
  • Back Angle: 70 degrees
Invacare Solace Mattress
  • Dimensions: 36 x 80 x 6 Inch.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Nylon top cover and tri-laminate vinyl bottom for ease in cleaning and durability.
  • Two layer, high quality foam.

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