Hoyer Journey 340 Electric Sit-to-Stand Lift

Hoyer (Model: Hoyer-Journey)
List Price: $5,274.00
Price: $2,895.00

This Pre-Owned Hoyer Journey 340 Electric Sit-to-Stand Lift is in Excellent working condition. The lift is powered by a 24V DC rechargeable battery, and only requires a 4.3” clearance, allowing it to smoothly fit underneath furniture. This lift can be folded up very easily for storage, making this a must-have for a user who frequently travels.

The Hoyer Journey sit to stand lift is designed to accommodate almost any patient of any height and size. This sit to stand lift features a cow-horn mechanism which is the first ever on the lift market. Thanks to the cow-horn mechanism, this lift is adjustable so that it can fit a wide range of patients. No longer will you need a number of differently sized patient lifts – with the Hoyer Journey lift, you can accommodate the different needs of each individual patient with the same piece of equipment.

The Hoyer Journey lift is designed with functionality and practicality in mind. Its folding design allows this lift to stand, unaided, while also making it easy to store and transport. The lift’s compact size allows you to easily maneuver it through tight spaces, and this lift is also lightweight to make it easier to operate. A bump guard helps to protect surrounding furniture from scrapes, and the Hoyer Journey only requires a 4.3" clearance, allowing it to easily fit underneath furniture.

With the Hoyer Journey sit to stand lift, patients are well supported and aided in standing transfers. An adjustable knee-pad can be correctly positioned for each patient, and the purchase of the Hoyer Journey comes with a Hoyer Deluxe Standing Sling. This lift features a lifting range of 28.4” to 60.2”, making it a versatile and practical purchase. The lift is powered by a 24V DC rechargeable battery.

Weight Capacity 340 lbs
Weight 88 lbs
Base Width (open) 38.2"
Base Width (closed) 27"
Internal Base Width (open) 34.5"
Internal Base Width (closed) 22.2"
Folded Dimensions 41" (L) x 27" (W) x 20.5" (H)
Overall Height 63"
Overall Length 39.4"
Caster Size (front) 3"
Caster Size (back) 4"
Ground Clearance 1.2"
Lifting Range 28.4" to 60.2"
Furniture Clearance Needed 4.3"
Lift Patient from Floor No
Powered Base No
Disassembles for Transport/Storage Yes
Sling Types Standing Sling
Battery 24V DC rechargeable sealed

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