Hoyer 6 Point Hydraulic Manual Patient Lift C-HLA-2

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Hoyer C-HLS-2 Owner's Manual
Hoyer (Model: C-HLA-2)
List Price: $1,124.00
Price: $299.00

Pre-Owned Hoyer C-HLA-2 Hydraulic Manual Patient Lift in Great Condition. This lift is a full body patient lift capable of lifting from the floor. This easy-to-use patient lift has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The Hoyer C-HLA-2 is a lightweight and easy to maneuver patient lift. Even with a 400 lbs. lifting capacity the C-HLA-2 is simple to move about and rolls smoothly. The easy to use Spreader Bar allows the legs to open up for rolling up to a chair, wheelchair or commode. This allows the lift to get-in-close for patient positioning. Full lifting range of the boom gives the unit floor pick-up capabilities. The C-HLA-2 is designed for all patient transfers:

  • Bed to wheelchair
  • Chair to toilet
  • Bathing

Hydraulic: The pump is easy to use even with heavier patients. The hydraulic pump also provides smooth patient lowering.

Product Weight:80 lbs.
Product Width:27.5 in.
Product Length/Depth:39 in
Product Weight Capacity:400lbs.
Base Clearance:4.5 in.
Mast Height:49.25 in.
Range of Boom:45.5 in.
Sling Seat Height:0 - 35 in.
Tubing Diameter:2 in. Round