Hill-Rom Resident Long Term Care Bed

Hill-Rom (Model: Hill-rom-resident)
List Price: $6,400.00
Price: $4,499.00
What's Included
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PrimeAire ARS Pressure Relief Mattress

This pre owned Hill-Rom Resident long term care bed is in excellent condition. The Hill-Rom Resident Long Term Care Bed provides a unique combination of function, aesthetics, durability, and value for both users and caregivers. This high-quality long-term care bed offers a variety of comfort, convenience, and safety features. Pressure Relief Mattress included.

The Resident Long Term Care (LTC) bed from Hill-Rom is the hospital bed of choice in the majority of extended care facilities. The highly durable Resident LTC has an 80" pan deck sleep surface, manual extension feature (up to 4") and can accommodate four half-rails. This bed also has a built-in angle indicator to ensure that the head section is at the proper elevation. With multiple mattress stops, the Auto Contour elevation feature and optional battery back up, you will quickly discover why Hill Rom's Resident Long term care bed is the bed of choice for many long term care facilities.

Personalized comfort with separate head and knee area controls, the bed provides the ability to personalize settings based on individual need. In addition, the one touch Auto Contour feature allows for easier positioning and less chance of sliding down in bed.

Hill-Rom Resident Features

  • Auto Contour feature - the head and knee sections rise simultaneously which helps keep the user from sliding to the end of bed.
  • Mattress stops - helps reduce the mattress from sliding.
  • Hand control - user has the ability to control bed high/low and head/knee up/down.
  • Available in 2 and 4 siderail configurations.
  • Battery backup - if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to operate 15 full cycles of the high/low and head/knee sections when fully charged.
  • Lockout controls - ability to disable functions on the hand control.
  • Head of bed angle indicator - show the head angle of the bed with respect to the floor.
  • Large, easy to see controls.
  • Vascular foot lift.
  • Residential styling.

PrimeAire ARS Pressure Relief Mattress Features

  • Air Reflex™ System:
    This pressure-relief technology has patented, multi-chambered air cylinders that gently expand and contract with patient movement, providing continually equalized pressure without the power source used to distribute pressure in high-end treatment surfaces.
  • Heel and Calf zones:
    The mattress is designed to effectively redistribute pressure off of the heel to the more load-tolerant calf. Distributing pressure to a wider surface area reduces the risk of pressure ulcers forming in more sensitive areas.
  • 500-pound weight capacity:
    The surface provides maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds for effective use with a range of patients. (Consult frame manufacturer regarding individual frame capacity.)
  • Safe positioning:
    Its 36.25" width minimizes gaps between the mattress side rails, and its perimeter foam, two-part bolster system helps reduce the risk of injury when entering and exiting the bed.
  • Shear reduction:
    The mattress uses a combination of a sheath liner and a unique top surface featuring 800 individual responsive foam cells designed to move with the patient, reducing friction on the patient’s skin.
  • Bed-exit alarms:
    PrimeAire® ARS Pressure Relief Mattress is largely compatible with Hill-Rom’s bed-exit alarms, which alert caregivers when patients attempt to exit the bed.
Length with bumpers in high position 95.25" (241.9 cm)
Length with bumpers in low position 91.5"
Sleep deck length 80" (203.2 cm)
Width – Siderails Up 42" (106.7 cm)
Sleep deck width 36" (91.4 cm)
Minimum under bed clearance 5" (13 cm)
Head section maximum inclination 67°
Knee section maximum inclination 27°
Deck Height Range (not including mattress) 13.875 - 30" (35.2 - 76.2 cm)
Safe working load 400 lbs.

90-Day Warranty From Open Box Medical

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