Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed

Hill-Rom (Model: ES100-2)
List Price: $19,669.00
Price: $8,000.00

This is a Pre-Owned, but Like-New Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed in Excellent Condition.

The CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed is a top-quality medical bed which brings the latest in cutting-edge medical equipment technology. This bed is used in over 70% of medical and surgical units, and now this bed is available for home care settings as well.

The CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed, made by medical giant Hill-Rom, is filled with safety features which you’re sure to appreciate. A head of the bed indicator is easy to read. SlideGuard technology, paired with zero-gap side rails, provides the patient with ultimate safety when using this bed. A one-hand push-button bed extender helps to minimize caregiver strain. Additionally, this bed comes with a nightlight and a battery backup system so that this bed never has downtime.

The CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed is designed to be easy to move for transporting patients. It features ergonomic handrails positioned at an ideal height to reduce caregiver strain. This bed also includes a fifth wheel which makes steering and maneuvering this bed easier. The bed’s design gives the caregiver more control when the bed is in motion, contributing to both patient and caregiver safety.

Why choose the CareAssist ES Medical Bed

The CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed is a high-quality medical bed suitable for both home and professional care facility use. This bed offers Trendelenburg positioning and includes a dining chair setting, fulfilling practical caregiving needs. Designed for patient comfort, this bed includes removable head and foot boards for versatile design options.

You’re sure to appreciate this bed’s safety features. With its ergonomic hand rail design and patient head angle indicator, this bed is designed to allow a caregiver to give a high degree of care while keeping themselves and the patient safe.


  • Audible “brake not set” alarm - informs the user the wheels are not locked, intended to help reduce the potential for falls
  • SlideGuard bed articulation technology with auto contour
  • Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their head/neck to be lower than their lower extremities
  • Reverse Trendelenburg - allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their lower extremities to be lower than their head/neck
  • Electric vascular foot position - place the users legs above their sternum without placing the bed in trendelenburg
  • Point-of-Care bedside controls for caregivers
  • Dining Chair One Button Feature - allows the user to be in a fully seated position in the bed
  • Battery backup - if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to operate the bed
  • Hand control - user has the ability to control the head/knee up/down
  • One-hand bed extender - allows the bed to be extended an additional 4"
  • Easy grip handles
  • Upgraded Freedom Hill wood panel headboard and footboard

Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Surface

The Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Surface Mattress is an effective treatment option for patients with moderate to high risk of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. Available in both standard and long sizes.  Heat gradient technology along with a patented heel pillow add to the user's comfort. The addition of features such as the durable incontinence cover, bolstered sides and heavy duty transfer handles make the AccuMax Quantum VPC surface a smart choice for both patients and caregivers.

The Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Surface contains a non-powered Controlled Release technology. This technology utilizes a Controlled Release valve, which adjusts the mattress based upon your movements. By doing so, you receive uninterrupted and consistent pressure redistribution that allows for the promotion of healing of the skin.


  • Heavy duty bottom cover
  • Patented heel pillow
  • Pressure redistribution mattress
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Weight: 34 lbs.
Weight Capacity 500 lbs
Bed Height 15.75" to 32.5"
Maximum Back Angle 65°
Massage No
Length 80" to 84"
Width 40"
AccuMax Mattress Dimensions 36"W x 80"L
Underbed Clearance 7.5"
Max Knee Angle 20°
Max Head Elevation 65°
Max Trend &
Reverse Trend

90-day warranty 

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