EasyStand 5000 Youth Standing Frame

EasyStand (Model: 5000Y)
List Price: $7,587.00
Price: $1,149.00

This is a Pre-Owned EasyStand 5000 Youth in Great condition. The natural sit-to-stand transition allows the user to stop at any position. Suitable for individuals ranging in height from 4' - 5'6'' and weighing up to 180 lbs. Price has been reduced as this is a discontinued model, so we only have 1 in stock!

The EasyStand 5000 Youth standing frame is a supportive sit-to-stand patient stander designed to meet the needs of a variety of users. Tool-free adjustments and a wide variety of support options make it easy to adjust to your specific individual's needs.

The EasyStand 5000 Youth's natural sit-to-stand transition allows the user to stop at any position. The user is fully supported from sitting to standing. It works well with people who have limited range of motion, and the ease of use increases compliance with standing activities.

Who uses the EasyStand 5000 Youth

  • Individuals ranging in height from 4'-5'6'' (122-168 cm) and weighing up to 180 lbs (81 kg)
  • Individuals with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord injury
  • Caregivers who transfer heavier kids
  • Schools that practice special education inclusion

How does it work

  • Transfer from the wheelchair to seat
  • Position the kneepad and other supports
  • Move table to desired level
  • Pump actuator handle to desired standing position

Why is the EasyStand 5000 Youth a better choice

  • Caregivers and growing teens are more comfortable with the 5000 Youth because of the safe and easy transfer and supportive transition to standing.
  • Children that have contractures, or can not stand fully upright, can be positioned at any point between sitting and standing.
  • Manual hydraulic actuator allows user to pump themselves into the standing position independently.
  • Tool-free adjustments and support options are ideal for busy multi-user environments.


Easystand 5000 Youth Base Price $2700
Casters Locking Casters $250
Hydraulic Pump Power-Packer Hydraulic Pump $839
Actuator Handle Standard Actuator Handle $201
Foot Holder Foot Holders w/ Straps $422
Kneepads 3 Position Kneepad w/Bracket, Cinnabar Red $432
Desk Table Clear Desk Table $500
Back Option High Back $700
Hip Support Hip Guides (pair) $489
Poitioning belt Standard Poitioning belt $65
Chest Vest Medium Chest Vest $433
Lateral Support Lateral Supports (pair) $556

Total Value with Upgrades: $7587

Height Range: 4'0"-5'6"
Weight Capacity: 180 lbs
Seat Depth Range (from seat pivot): 14"-18"
Seat Height from Floor (transfer height): 19.5"
Seat to Foot Plate Range: 11"-19"
Table/Front Pad Depth Range (from seat when standing): 2"-10"
Table Height Range (from seat pivot): 12"-26"
Kneepad Depth Range: 3"-5"
Knee Width (center to center): 8"
Footprint: 26.5"x33"
Weight of Basic Unit: 121 lbs
Frame Color: Black Powder Coat
Upholstery Color: Cinnabar Red
Clear Desk Table Size: 20"x25"
Overall Width: 28" ( oversized clear table 32" )